Trailer М1101 For radio-controlled models.
Scale 1/8.5
Length - 398mm
Width - 255mm
Height - 155mm

To print this trailer, you need approximately 800g of filament.
Parts are combined into groups, which will make it easier for you to prepare parts for printing.
The recommended print area of ​​the printer is 200x200mm, but if you are going to print parts from a folder with individual parts, then a printer with a print area of ​​180x180mm is enough for you.
See assembly instructions for more information.

It is recommended to use a trailer with 3D printed Hummer / Humvee from AN3DRTS
If you have already built a civilian version of a 3D printed Hummer, then you need to print a military style rear bumper (Included in the archive with this trailer).
If you have already built a military version of the 3D printed Humvee, then you only need to print a modified tow hook!

If you have any questions, you can ask them in my Facebook group.
No, I'm not planning on making this trailer in 1/10 scale right now!

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