Frequently asked questions

- Are these radio controlled models?
    Yes, all models presented on the site are designed specifically for installing radio control components in them.  

- What is the scale of these models?
    At the moment, all models presented on the site have a scale of 1 / 8.5.

- Can I change the scale?
    Not! You can rescale 3D printed parts, but how do you rescale screws, nuts, drive shafts, gears (if you are using metal gears) and other non-3D printed components?

- Can I install Hummer or Humvee body on TRX4 / SCX10 chassis?
    Not! The Hummer has its own unique independent suspension chassis. Also, these commercial chassis are too small to accommodate the Hummer's body. See images for descriptions of bodies Hummer .  

- But if I change the scale of the Hummer's body?
    It is not recommended to change the scale of details! You may have problems assembling the model and find it difficult to find the correct size screws and nuts. A Hummer is a car with independent suspension and trying to build it on a chassis with solid axles is not logical!

- What material is recommended for printing parts?
    I print all parts in PLA and also use PETG for the suspension parts. But perhaps for countries with hot climates, PLA will not work and you should use some other filament.  

- What are the recommendations for setting up printing?
    Recommendations for print settings for various parts, and in what orientation they should be located on the printing bed, you can find in these presentations:
    * Recommendations for printing civilian Hummer parts
    * Recommendations for printing military Humvee parts

- What size of the printable area I need?
    A printer with a printable area equal to or greater than 200x200x200mm is required. But if you are planning to build a military Humvee, then its details can be printed on a printer with a print area of ​​180x180x180mm.

- What non-3D printed parts do I need to buy?
    You need radio control equipment (Transmitter + receiver), Motor speed controller, 2S-3S Li-po 4200mAh battery or less, 15-20kg standard size Servo, and various components, a list of which you can find in the assembly instructions for model:  Instructions

- Can I install LEDs?
    Yes, in the models presented on the site there are specially prepared places for installing 3mm and 5mm LEDs, ways of laying wires from them, as well as a box for placing a receiver of radio control equipment.

- How to buy files?
     To purchase, you need to register on the site, add the required sets of files to the cart and make a payment. After payment, go to your personal account, in the Downloads section.

- What payment methods are available?
     Payment can be made using Visa or MasterCard.

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