3D Printed RC Mini Excavator in 1/8.5 scale

3D printed radio-controlled model of a mini excavator in 1/8.5 scale.

To print this model, you need about 2.5kg of filament of different colors and types. All parts can be printed on printers with a print area of 180x180mm, except for tracks. They must be printed on a printer with a print area of at least 210x210mm. Most parts can be printed with any type of filament, such as PLA, ABS, PETG, but tracks must be printed with flexible filament! Therefore, your printer must be able to print with flexible filaments! More information about filament types can be found in the printable parts list: HERE

All the necessary information for building the model, such as a list of non-printed parts for purchase, a list of fasteners, some characteristics and features of the model, you can find in the assembly instructions for this model: HERE

In the archive with the model, you can find individual parts as well as parts combined into small groups, which will help you simplify the process of preparing parts for printing. Some print groups are too big for 180x180mm printers, so if you have a printer like that, you need to print these parts from individual parts folder! Some individual parts are too large for 180x180mm printers, so you will need to print these parts from the Alternative Parts folder.

The archive also contains some alternative versions of parts for printers with 300x300mm print area. Some parts are combined, which will simplify the process of assembling the model!

All parts for the model are designed to be printed with minimal using or not using support material. Check out the printable parts list at the link above!

Attention, the model has been tested, but may still have small bugs in the chassis, so I am starting sales with a 20% discount. If you find bugs or have recommendations, contact me on Facebook.

Right now I don't have good photos of this model, so I'm only attaching renderings. You can see some real photos and videos HereHereHereHere

The main characteristics of the model:

- RC model, 1 : 8.5 scale

- Realistic exterior look and Detailed interior

- Openable Cab door, side gate, hood

- Fully functional model

- Electric linear actuators used

- Tracks from flex filament

- 116 printing parts

- 24 printing groups

- 2.5 kg filament

- Can be printed with 180x180mm printers

- Length with arm - 682mm

- Width - 235mm

- Height - 297mm

For more sizing information, see the assembly instructions at the link above!

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