3D Printed RC Car 2wd buggy "E-basher"

This is a 3D printed radio-controlled buggy "E-Basner". This is a fast model to build. You need 1.1 - 1.3 kg of filament to print all the details for this model. Printing time 130-140 hours. The archive contains a folder with individual parts, as well as a folder with parts combined into small groups, which can simplify the preparation of parts for printing for you. The minimum required print area is 200x200x200mm.

You can find a list of print parts and some recommendations for print settings here.

Assembly instructions, a list of parts to buy and a list of fasteners can be found here.

It is highly recommended to read the instructions before starting the project !!!

The model has long suspension travels, so it is ready for fast driving on shallow terrain or for small jumps in height of 5-10cm.

Video of model ride https://youtu.be/D9f7A2Dfi_s

Model characteristics:

- Scale 1 / 8.5

- Length 477mm

- Width ~ 275mm

- Height ~ 175mm

- Wheelbase 302mm

- Front track ~ 223mm

- Back track ~ 233mm

- Ground clearance 42-45mm

- Rear wheel drive

Pay attention! If you print details from the individual details folder, it does not contain some details for the right side. Therefore, if you cannot find some part for the right side, then just make a mirror copy, the part of the left side, in your slicer!

If you have questions regarding this model, you can ask them using one of the methods on the Contacts page.

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