GAZ-67 Custom

3d printed model of custom car based on 1946 GAZ-67 from USSR!
My grandparents bought this car in the early 1970s. We don't know who built it and when. We know that at the time of purchase there was a similar car in our region, but not exactly the same, so we can say that this is the only copy. And thanks to the efforts of my uncle, this car is still running!

You need 2 kg filament to print all the details for this model.  The minimum required print area is 200x200x200mm.

Assembly instructions, a list of parts to buy and a list of fasteners can be found here 

You can find a list of print parts and some recommendations for print settings  here

It is highly recommended to read the instructions before starting the project !!!

Model characteristics:

- Scale 1 / 7.5

- Length ~545mm(including spare tire)

- Width ~ 245mm

- Height ~ 238mm

- Wheelbase ~ 301mm

- Track ~ 198mm

- Ground clearance ~ 43mm

- 4x4

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