This is a kit for converting your 3D printed Hummer H1 into a Slantback version. If you are tired of your Hummer H1 Wagon or Hummer H1 Pickup, then you can use this set to convert them to the Slantback version!

To convert, you need to remove the body from the chassis, disassemble the rear part of the body, and then follow the instructions for assembling the Slantback body: link

Attention! Owners of the 2-door version should also download an additional mini-kit with rear door parts, long roof parts and other parts necessary for conversion: link

Attention! Details named "Fender rear left" and "Fender rear right" are the same for the Slantback and Wagon versions. Therefore, if you have a Wagon version, then you do not need to print them again.

More photos of the Slantback version you can see on his page: link

Or in my instagram:

I have a Facebook group, if you have any questions you can ask them there

Attention! Many details on the right side are mirrors of the left side. So if you can't find a part for the right side in the archive, just make a mirror copy of the left part in your slicer!

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