Slantback tire carrier for 3D Printed Hummer H1 2 door pickup.

The archive contains only the left main parts. To get the right side you need to make a mirror copy of the left side.

The archive contains two versions of the tire carrier. See the differences in images 1 and 2. The real photo is in image 3.

You can also find roof rack, lightbars and bull bars for your 2 door pickup: /e-shop/hummer-humvee-models/

To build you need:
М2х4-5 screw - 4pcs for screwing tire carrier to model roof
М2х5-6 - 4pcs for screwing tire carrier to rear fenders
М2х8-10 - 4pcs for screwing tire holder to main parts
M5x28mm bolt with hex head and M5 Nut for fixing spare wheel

I have a Facebook group, if you have any questions you can ask them there

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