Roof rack v2 for 3D Printed Hummer H1 4dr Pickup or Slantback.

The archive contains only the left main parts. To get the right side you need to make a mirror copy of the left side.

The archive contains two versions of the roof rack.
1) With separate parts (picture 1). This version takes longer to assemble, but you can print different parts in different colors.
2) The parts are connected together (image 4). This version is needed if you do not want to print parts in different colors.

You can also add a spare wheel holder. The spare wheel holder can be placed on 1 or 2 from 4 positions: 2 in front, 2 in back or diagonal. The roof rack can accommodate a wheel with an outer diameter of 105-107mm. If you use larger diameter wheels, they will not fit.

You can also find another version of roof rack for 2 door pickup: Link

To build you need:
М2х5-6 screw - 6pcs for screwing brackets to main parts
М2х4-5 screw - 6pcs for screwing roof rack to model roof
2x25 metal shaft - 6pcs
М2х5-6 screw - 2pcs for for screwing spare wheel holder(only for version with solid parts)
M5x30mm bolt with hex head and M5 Nut for fixing spare wheel

I have a Facebook group, if you have any questions you can ask them there

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